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    Recap: The 2018 New York Baby Show #NYBSBloggerLounge

    My family and I were invited to attend the 8th Annual New York Baby Show on behalf of MomTrends. All opinions expressed belong to me. 

    If you read my post from last year, you know that the New York Baby Show is the biggest baby show in the country hosting over 150 exhibitors catering to new and expecting families. Soooo much happened this year the day of the New York baby show that I ALMOST didn’t make it. I pressed my way through car trouble, torrential rain, a croupy 10 month old and an extremely over tired toddler to check out as much of the exhibitors as I can and I’m excited to bring our TOP 3 Items from the show to you!

    bloom – Alma Mini Crib

    I was fascinated with the bloom’s Alma Mini Crib IMMEDIATELY.  Made from solid wood and coming in a variety of colors, the Alma Mini Crib is a super practical crib solution especially for city life. The crib folds and unfolds easily for easy transport and storage. I secretly considered getting this crib for Nana’s house but Zayn is such an active kid and follows his big brother constantly that I feel like he wouldn’t get that much more use out of it. Check out more on the Alma Mini Crib here.

    Chicco – Bravofor2 Double Stroller 

    I’m on the lookout for a sit-n-stand stroller even though James thinks we don’t need one. I’m just thinking about how summer is coming, we’re going to be spending way more time outside and RJs little toddler legs are going to be getting tired. The Chicco Bravofor2 initially caught my eye because it wasn’t big or bulky. With a cute modern design and the ability for your big kid to choose how they want to ride, the Chicco was definitely winning me over. The easy one hand fold had me sold. I’m lucky if I have ONE hand available on outings I can’t deal with not being able to function  . Check out all the great features of the Bravofor2 here

    PRIMO – The 2-in-1 Smart Voyager 

    One of the last stops we made was PRIMO. I was really excited about the PRIMO LapBaby but then it came time to strap Zayn in, he was too big :(. We further decided based on his size, age and how grabby he is that he wasn’t a good fit for that product anyway, but it definitely would’ve came in handy when he was younger! PRIMO also had the 2–in-1 Smart Voyager on display and this highchair/swing combo I LOVED! It only took about 30 seconds to convert from a swing (controllable entirely by phone) to a fully functional high chair and back again. The swing has awesome features like Automatic Cry Activation, 8 swing speeds, and can be connected via Bluetooth. For more information on the Smart Voyager feel free to check out PRIMO’s website here


    All in all, the New York Baby Show didn’t disappoint and I’m glad we pushed through and made it. I can’t wait to go next year (but I’m highly considering making it a solo trip) to see what new products will be out. I can’t believe by then I’ll have two toddlers! Eek! 

    Did you stop by the New York Baby Show? What were your favorite products? Leave your thoughts in the comments!  


    The Black Girls Guide to Surviving Wedding Season When You’re Single AF!

    If you know me you probably rolled your eyes and was like Tanay.. you have a man WTH are you talking about. Listen, when I file taxes I still have to check single so I qualify to write this post, ok! If wedding season makes you want to A) Throat punch anyone who posts about love on your timeline or B) Burst into tears because you can’t for the life of you figure your own life out then, this post is for you sis!

    With all the excitement about the Royal Wedding that just passed among the multiple other weddings I have to attend coming up I am just about ready to lose my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love all things LOVE. Weddings, fairytales, the idea of happily ever after… those are all MY THING. I am a hopeless romantic through and through. But I’m just honestly over here hanging out in wedding limbo, trying to find things to occupy my time so I don’t end up on SNAPPED! before I’m actually a wife. I’m still here, so I’m about to tell you some of the things I do that help me when I’m starting to feel wedding woes.

    //Get A Hobby// 

    That means one that doesn’t include scrolling social media because honestly, as a female we can easily find ourselves sinking down the “woe is me” rabbit hole in 2.5 seconds and then 3 hours later we’re trying to figure out why we’re still on the couch, scrolling iG, and we know the entire dating history of someone we never even met. No? Just me? Don’t lie! Get out and do something besides tweeting and snapping. Occupy your mind! Something as simple as reading a book is an amazing distraction. It keeps me off my phone and  I’m learning new stuff. It’s a win-win situation.  

    //Get A Girlfriend// 

    It’s not what it sounds like.  But your girl friends are (or should be) everything! Get you a friend that will show up when you need it and can lift you up mentally. Surround yourself with positive energy and good vibes. When you vibrate on a higher frequency then you attract more positive and abundance. Sometimes you need someone to put on Nice for What, hype you up & remind you that there’s more important sh*t to worry about. 

    //Live in the Moment//

    Sometimes that is way easier said than done, I feel you. But trust when I say you will be way happier thinking about the now than obsessing over the future. There is so much joy in the now. Focus on the things that make you happy and keep those in the forefront of your mind. Positive attracts positive. Gratitude attracts more things to be grateful about. Trust me. 

    //Love yourself//

    Because no one can love you better. Don’t ever forget that you’re bomb as hell, you’re hair is on fleek and your melanin pops severely! Confidence is one of the most attractive personality traits, so never forget that you slay! No one can ever validate that for you more than yourself. 

    This whole post probably rings cliche AF, but I’m so positive that I cannot be the only one that needs these reminders. And if all else fails and you find yourself wallowing in the wedding season woes, don’t forget that most weddings have an open bar! 😉


    8 East Coast Festivals Every Black Girl NEEDS to Be At This Summer

    Festival season is upon us and I suffer from major FOMO every year. I find that I always find out about festivals at the last minute and then I don’t have the proper time to get my life/coins together so that I can attend. After going to Curlfest for the first time last year, I’m determined to hit as many festivals as possible this year and I’ve created this list of festivals that are (mainly) on the east coast JUST so I don’t forget where I need (want) to be and when. If you love good vibes, good food and good music then you probably want to check a few of these out too! *festival names are clickable… you’re welcome ;)*

    Governors Ball * June 1st – 3rd – Randall’s Island, NYC

    Roots Picnic * June 2nd – Philadelphia, PA 

    Essence Festival * July 5th – 8th – New Orleans, LA

    Technically NOLA isn’t considered the “east coast” but if you don’t know by now that Essence is THE festival to be at I’m not sure how you even came across this list. Do you even festival?? 

    The Greatest Day Ever * July 14th & 15th – New York, NY

    Curlfest * July 21st – Brooklyn, NY

    Panorama Music Festival * July 27th – 29th – Randall’s Island, NYC

    Swing through @BrooklynSteel to peep the fresh mural 🌐

    A post shared by Panorama NYC (@panoramanyc) on

    Afropunk * August 25th & 26th – Brooklyn, NY

    Made in America * September 1st & 2nd – Philadelphia, PA

    There it is! Which festivals are you most excited about? I can’t wait for Curlfest and Afropunk! Hype to go to a festival that I didnt list? Not tryna go alone and want to meet up? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. xoxo


    Handling the Slow Change in Seasons

    Spring …. where you at? We got a quick peek over the weekend and then the frigidness of JANUARY was right back Sunday. I feel like the weather is a pretty accurate representation of my life right now though. I’m impatiently waiting for it to get warmer.. to feel more comfortable. And while I spend most of my days trying to crawl back under the covers and hide from the dreariness, the sun always peeks through for a few, just enough to remind me that it’s still always there. 

    The season is slowly but surely changing in my household. The boys are growing so much and it’s almost mind blowing sometimes to watch the change. They’re at the perfect age right now, they love each other just enough and the fighting is minimal. I have one entering toddlerhood and one exiting and that’s pretty freakin’ scary. The voice in the back of my head is constantly nagging me about whether I’m doing this motherhood thing right. I figure as long as we make it to the next day we’re pretty much scoring. LOL. 

    And while we have some daily setbacks, our spring is right around the corner. It’s only a matter of time before the sun is constantly shining. I can’t wait. 

    How are you handling the slow change of season? Are you waiting for the sun to come out? XoXo


    7 INCREDIBLE Gifs In Case You Forgot Why The Incredibles Is An Amazing Movie!

    Let’s face it, the Incredibles was released a LONG time ago. Any true Pixar fan could quote the movie start to finish and can rattle off their favorite parts without even stopping to think because the movie is JUST THAT INCREDIBLE. Of course, attending the university of shady makes madam Edna Mode one of my favorite characters, but Jack Jack does come in at a close second, I’m a sucker for a cute baby. I’m super excited for June 15th and the long overdue release of part 2 in theaters. 

    The movie is a CLASSIC but some may need a little reminder of some of the movies best moments. Plus, who doesn’t love a good gif nowadays??

    via GIPHY

    This is probably one of everyones favorite moments

    via GIPHY

    The queen of shade – Edna Mode

    via GIPHY

    via GIPHY

    via GIPHY

    When you realize the whole family is Incredible…

    Because… logic…. 

    via GIPHY

    What are some of your favorite moments from Incredibles? Will you be going to see part 2? Tweet me your favorite gif, if it wasn’t included. xoxo

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    INCREDIBLES 2 opens in theatres everywhere on June 15, 2018