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    Self Care & My Revelation After A Trip to the Hair Salon

    Last week I went to the hair salon after work. Let me preface it by saying it was DESPERATELY needed. The natural hair struggle is real, and topped with NYC’s winter weather? My hair was feeling like STRAW. So I was definitely overdue for an appointment and I knew I needed to just go and get it done. I have scheduled hair appointments over and over again but then cancelled for one reason or another because truthfully, I feel like it takes too long and I would rather be home with my kids. But I’m trying to develop better habits this year so in my head I was all “TREAT YOURSELF TANAY! SELF CARE!”.


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    15 Black Mommy Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram in 2019

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    An article was released recently on TimeOut of the “The Best Instagram Accounts from Dad and Mommy bloggers to follow in 2019”. It was shared in a group of other bloggers that I’m in and before I even clicked it I already knew what the list was going to look like. We can make excuses and say “well they only featured 8 accounts” or “they couldn’t show everybody” and that’s fine if that’s what y’all have time for, but I don’t. In this great year of our lord and savior 2019, we have to stop asking for a seat at the table and buy, assemble and elevate our own! TimeOut’s list was cute, but that’s not my list. That’s not representative of the faces I see when I scroll my feed, and the women/men that motivate me.

    We’re out here world schooling, and attachment parenting and living our best green lives just like everyone else. If anything we look up to each other even more now because our generation is parenting SO DIFFERENTLY than the ones that came before us. We’re open to learning and doing and growing. We’re just out here trying to keep out chakras aligned, glow up, create healthy coparenting relationships and manifest the best lives possible for our children.

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    5 Habits All Moms Need to Take With Them Into 2019

    Happy New Year! I almost can’t believe I’m sitting here with you guys in 2019! The year flew by and it was definitely, a year! Last year I made a whole list of goals, that I provably revisited once or twice when I wasn’t resharing it with you guys and that… kinda sucks. This year I am focusing on creating better habits, versus sticking to specific resolutions and I figured I’d share a couple of mine that are related to motherhood. Here are a couple things we need to remember to do for ourselves and our families this year. Read more


    I’m Having a (Twitter) Party!! |#CountdowntoGrindelwald

    If you know me then you have at some point heard me profess my love for all things Harry Potter. I fell in love with the wizarding world in elementary school and I’ve been a potterhead ever since. I watch the movies every single time they’re on tv, the DVDs got me through some of my loneliest moments when I first moved back to NYC and I can read the entire series in a week without skipping a beat. 

    When Fantastic Beasts was first released I was hesitant. I take my love for Hogwarts seriously and I hated the idea of them trying to tell any other story that wouldn’t be a good one. But I was sooooo wrong. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was an amazing movie!! And my love expanded. When I saw the first trailer for the Crimes of Grindelwald I probably held my breath the entire time. I seriously can’t wait for this movie in November. 

    So in complete impatient anticipation and to connect with more fans, my friend Sanaa and I have decided to hold a weekly Twitter party to #CountdowntoGrindelwald. Starting 9/16 Each week on #WizardingWednesdays we’ll be having a discussion based on one year at Hogwarts concluding with Fantastic Beasts on the last week. We have some amazing giveaways planned and we’d love to have you  join us!! 

    RSVP below so you can stay up to date with the Twitter party, get a sneak peek at our giveaway sponsors and #CountdowntoGrindewald with us!  

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    Are you excited for Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald?? 

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    #BuyBlack – 14 Black Owned Businesses to Shop for Back to School

      Image via

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    We’re two weeks away from back to school here in NYC and if you’re anything like me (a procrastinator) you still have some shopping to get done. My back to school list isn’t that long because RJ is only going to pre-k and he wears uniform, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting some school supplies in the house for writing practice, and he gets to dress down once a week so he definitely needs clothes since he grew TWO sizes last school year.

    It’s really important to me to support black owned businesses so of course when I started the (google) search for supplies that’s what I wanted to round up. From stationary to t-shirts, I’ve included the brands I’ve found for all you black owned back to school needs. 



    Innovative Supplies –

    Brown BabyCakes –

    G&G PaperCo –

    Moe Melanin –

    Brown Girls Stationery –

    Oh So Paper Co. –

    Shades Calendars –

    Back Packs


    Blended Designs –

    Makeka Designs –



    pintsizefaith –

    Cocoa Babies –

    Flexin’ in My Complexion –

    CocoPie Clothing –

    Did you finish your back to school shopping? Know of a black owned business that should be included? Leave your comments below! xoxo